How to use Symfony redirectToRoute with parameters

To use redirectToRoute with parameters, pass the route name as the first argument and an array with parameters as the second argument of the method.

Symfony Stopwatch Example

Symfony Stopwatch is a component that allows you to profile and measure the duration of specific parts of your code. It's particularly useful for identifying bottlenecks and optimizing performance. Here's how you can use Symfony Stopwatch:

Symfony how to stream JSON response with StreamedJsonResponse [Doctrine example included]

To stream large JSON responses to the client, you should use the StreamedJsonResponse Response object, which is available in Symfony versions >= 6.3

How to use Symfony StreamedResponse to stream large files [Example]

In Symfony, you can stream large files as part of a Response object using the StreamedResponse class. Streaming files is a memory-efficient way to deliver large files to clients without loading the entire file into memory at once. Here's how you can do it:

Symfony how to switch to production mode

To switch (enable) to production mode, you must change APP_ENV env variable in your .env.local file on your production machine to APP_ENV=prod. Don't forget to change your APP_SECRET as well.

Phpactor vs Intelephense [Feature comparison]

PHPactor and Intelephense are both PHP language servers used to enhance PHP development within integrated development environments (IDEs) or text editors. They provide features like code completion, code navigation, and static analysis to make PHP development more efficient.

How to fix "Failed to download symfony/webpack-encore-pack from dist"

To fix failed to download symfony webpack encore pack from dist you have to replace symfony/webpack-encore-pack with symfony/webpack-encore-bundle in your composer.json file.

Symfony Twilio Notifier Example

To use the Symfony Notifier component with Twilio, you need to install the symfony/twilio-notifier package and configure it.

Symfony pagination example

The easiest way to create pagination in your Symfony app is by using third-party libraries. The recommended and most used library for this purpose is KnpPaginatorBundle.

Announcing new hobby project - ExampleHub for coding tutorials and examples

Today I'm happy to announce my new hobby project - ExampleHub - Code examples and tutorials a tutorial-based website packed with coding examples and guides for various languages like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Python, and more.

I will begin by sharing JavaScript examples, focusing on addressing common issues such as "How to cut a string in JavaScript" or "How to format numbers with commas in JavaScript" and similar topics.

I have already written a couple of articles, and what I find truly fascinating is that when you need to write an article, you delve deep into the subject matter and gain a better understanding of the topic. This creates a mutually beneficial situation, where I can improve my knowledge and problem-solving skills, and the readers can benefit from it as well.

Currently, the site may appear lacking as it only contains a small number of JavaScript articles. However, please be patient as improvements will be made gradually.

I'm eager to discover where this path will take me! :)