Symfony how to stream JSON response with StreamedJsonResponse [Doctrine example included]

To stream large JSON responses to the client, you should use the StreamedJsonResponse Response object, which is available in Symfony versions >= 6.3

How to use Symfony StreamedResponse to stream large files [Example]

In Symfony, you can stream large files as part of a Response object using the StreamedResponse class. Streaming files is a memory-efficient way to deliver large files to clients without loading the entire file into memory at once. Here's how you can do it:

Symfony how to switch to production mode

To switch (enable) to production mode, you must change APP_ENV env variable in your .env.local file on your production machine to APP_ENV=prod. Don't forget to change your APP_SECRET as well.

How to fix "Failed to download symfony/webpack-encore-pack from dist"

To fix failed to download symfony webpack encore pack from dist you have to replace symfony/webpack-encore-pack with symfony/webpack-encore-bundle in your composer.json file.

Symfony Twilio Notifier Example

To use the Symfony Notifier component with Twilio, you need to install the symfony/twilio-notifier package and configure it.

Symfony pagination example

The easiest way to create pagination in your Symfony app is by using third-party libraries. The recommended and most used library for this purpose is KnpPaginatorBundle.